Adimasu Tours is a young but very successful tour company established in April 2010 by Adimasu Gebeyehu. Adimasu is a young South-Omo-Valley born Ethiopian with 8 years of experience as a freelance tour guide before he realised his dream of a self-employed tour operator with the support of Carsten Gruener, Germany.

An extensive knowledge about all the facets of unique Ethiopia and the joy meeting travellers from all over the world had been Adimasu`s contribution as founder of the company. Today these are the basics when we recruit new colleagues as guides, drivers or cooks to support our team.

Meanwhile we have an entire team of absolutely reliable drivers and exceptionally knowledgeable guides speaking many of the more than 80 different “Ethiopian” languages. Our a fleet consists of invariably well maintained vehicles. We also own two newly established permanent campsites, one in Kibish Suri and the other one in West Omo Valley.

At Adimasu Tours, every trip is customized to your needs. Every itinerary is flexible at all times. Even while we’re on the tour we are open to your needs and if required we can alter the programme spontaneously at request.

Consequently we are one of the foremost and best established tour companies providing excellent and reliable travel service all over the country. Thus we were awarded the third prize for the most reliable travel agencies by the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We would be glad being a part of your adventure.

Welcome to Ethiopia.


Ethiopia - officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia - is the second most populous nation in Africa with more than 129 million people and more than 80 different ethnic groups, with the three largest being Oromo, Amhara & Tigre. The country is as big as 1.127.127 square kilometres. It lies in the north-east corner of Africa, bordered in the west by Sudan, the north by Eritrea, the east by Djibouti and Somalia, and the south by Kenya.

With an altitude up to 3000 mtrs. the capital Addis Ababa is the third highest in the world with a large number of diplomatic missions, like the head quarters of African Union (AU), the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and of more than 90 other diplomatic missions and embassies.

Throughout the world the nation is known for its more than 2000 years old history and for the fact that it`s the sole african

country which never had been colonized. The monuments of the Axumite Empire, the rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the castles of Gondar and the walled city of Harrar are only a few of the historical UNESCO World Heritage sites in Africa.

Ethiopia is one of a few African countries to have its own alphabet, time system and unique calendar which is seven to eight years behind the Gregorian calendar.

All over the country scientists are currently making the most important contributions to our knowledge of the human origin and development. It’s homeland to coffee, to Lucy, the oldest human fossil, and to the first marathon athlete, Abebe Bikila, who ran barefoot to Gold in the Olympics.

Ethiopia struggled a long time with droughts and famines. But this image has changed over the years and Ethiopia now is enjoying an increasing interest among travellers and tourists.


General Tours

  • Individual tours
  • Group tours
  • Set 10-35 days packaged tours
  • Individually planned tours
  • Budget tours
  • Luxury tours


These itineraries are just a few suggestions. As mentioned above every single tour is custom-made exactly to your wishes and needs.
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  • 4WD rental
  • Travel equipment rental

Theme Tours

  • Photography tours
  • Birding
  • Nature tours
  • Ethnological tours

Special Services

  • Hotel reservations
  • Airport transfers

We can arrange tours in a variety of languages including English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian.


High quality services
Starting from the first contact either by e-mail or your personal visit in our office. And lasting until after the end of your trip if necessary.

Experienced staff
Both for customer service prior to the trip or coordination at the management desk and for guiding the tours.

Reliable cars are an important requirement. Especially when touring on dirt roads in remote areas.

Responsible tourism has always been an integral part of our company. Our adventures are designed with respect to the local people and culture. We obey the rules of eco-tourism.

Not only as a tour operator in Ethiopia but in general we are convinced that fair-mindedness shall be a basic attitude in contact with other people.

Both our guests as well as the locals shall rely on our commitments.

Special thanks

First of all we would like to thank our partners Carsten Gruener and Sabine Wendorff for all the help and support we are receiving since founding Adimasu Tours up to the present day.

Our thanks also goes to the authorities, in particular to the chiefs and people of South Omo and West Omo Regional State, Amahara Regional State, Tigray Regional State, SNNPR Regional State for their help to visit their areas.

We would also like to thank:

Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism for their assistance when establishing our company.
Ethiopian Wildlife Reserve for their permanent up-to-date information.

Astrekehn Gebeyehu and Chane G. Medin for all their help.

Christina Marx for the professional photos.

Our drivers, our guides our cooks and our kind colleagues at the management desk for living our commitments.

And last but not least we want to thank our travelers, who choose us to enable them to explore a bit of Ethiopia.


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